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Plague of Shadows: Crafting Perfect Mechanics

Gather around, fellow scientists! Let’s talk about Plague of Shadows, the free update to Shovel Knight where you play as Plague Knight on his own adventure! Making games can be a winding road and we wanted to talk about where our travels have taken us while we put together the latest campaign. If you haven’t yet read about the mobility changes that went into Plague Knight, be sure to check out our previous articles.


amiibo Preview!

Happy Holidays Shovelers and Shovelettes! We hear you’ve been wondering…when is the Shovel Knight amiibo hitting store shelves? What can I actually do with the amiibo? How does it all work?! Well, we’re here today to finally unearth all the answers to your amiibo questions. We’ve been hard at work the past year making the amiibo figure and content feel unique and special, and we’re excited to show off the first footage! That’s right – it’s trailer time!


Retail Update

What’s up Shovelers and Plague Doctors! Enjoying Plague of Shadows? With this update, we’re slingin’ accurate information about Shovel Knight, soon to be the hottest game on retail shelves!

There’s been some tumult with the physical version release of Shovel Knight. You may have noticed storefronts changing wildly lately…and that’s because a lot of decisions have been being made internally to help make this release possible. Retailers and websites tend to update their information at different times to keep their side up-to-date, but we wanted to make sure we had absolutely certain information before laying out the facts. We also wanted to be sure to explore all possible solutions too. So for all those looking for answers, here they are!


Shovel Knight on Amazon Fire TV

With all the recent Plague of Shadows hubbub, some really cool news may have passed you by. Surprise – Shovel Knight is coming to the new Amazon Fire TV Gaming edition- and not only that, but it’s a pack-in!