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Propeller Knight BGM

Jake decided to be super cool and create a video showing off the Propeller Knight track in Famitracker so you can see all the work that goes into the magic.  And surprise! He revealed the newest boss track for when you’re battling Propeller Knight.  That’s right!  Jake is going all out on this game and writing a battle theme for every knight.  Check out the songs below:


Steam Controller Support!

Shovel Knight

Supporting controllers on Steam and PCs is extremely difficult! Unfortunately, there’s no uniform way to handle support on any platform, whether it be Windows, Linux, or OS X.  None of them have figured out a unified way to read in controllers, so we’re taking it into our own hands to manually add support for every controller.

If you have a controller that doesn’t work with the current version of the Steam game, or we haven’t released the game on your platform yet, you can go to the following pages depending on your operating system of choice to help us:

Windows: Controller Binding Page for Windows

Mac OSX: Controller Binding Page for Mac

Linux: Controller Binding Page for Linux

If you wanted to be even MORE helpful, you could try out all your other weirdo controllers and enter them too! Each controller that you enter, we can make work with Shovel Knight on Steam and PC! Here are the controllers we have so far: Controller Binding Database

PS If you are still having troubles or we haven’t updated the game to support your controller yet, you can beat us to it by doing the following: 1) Open Steam, go into Big Picture Mode 2) open Settings 3) configure your controller bindings and finally 4) boot up Shovel Knight!


Delay Extravaganza!

Hello Shovelers and Shovelettes! There are only a couple weeks until Shovel Knight’s release date of March 31. The crew at the Yacht Club is tired; we’ve been working literally every day, and every waking hour, to make the game great. But! We’re just not quite there yet.



Almost There… Here’s a Manual Preview!!

It’s not over yet! The Yacht Club Games team is putting their hearts, minds, muscle, and free time into this final stretch to see Shovel Knight prepared for release! Quality Assurance is underway, manuals are being written (both electronic and physical), box art is being drafted, and we are making one last pass over every stage of the game so to that its at the highest level of shovel excellence. Here’s a sneak peak of the manual!


Trailer Music / HD 60 FPS Video

We’re getting so much great feedback already about our trailer!  So we decided we’d give you a few more goodies!  Check out these tracks Jake put together.  It’s the trailer music, the trailer music with only vocals ( yeah, that’s us singing on the track! ), and Tinker Knight’s stage music.  Enjoy!