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Plague Knight Mobility Design

Developing the Plague of Shadows expansion to Shovel Knight has been quite the tricky experience for us here at Yacht Club Games. We’ve never had the pleasure of continuously building new content for a complete, existing title before. When we pitched an all new playable boss campaign during the game’s Kickstarter, we were thinking of something small along the lines of Mega Man Powered Up: a simple character swap with a slight mobility change or a new ability between the boss characters. Of course, we wanted it to be fun and exciting…so we decided to go bigger!


Meet the MUSIC-PLAYING Troupple King Plush!

All hail the Troupple King, the king of fish and fruit! Long may his stem grow! You’ve never heard of the Troupple King?! Half trout and half apple! If you ever visit his grotto, hold your chalice aloft! The Troupple King will APPEAR and bless you with a sacred dance! As it happens, I have been entrusted to send word of Troupple King Plushies to believers! Would you like one?


Plague of Shadows Trailer! Big week!

Plague of Shadows Is Almost Here! Trailer Time!

Greetings Shovelers and Soon-To-Be Alchemists! This next week is sure to be an exciting one, including the MEGATON reveal we promised… so let’s jump right in! First, watch this trailer and weep.