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Co-Op Instruction Manual

Hey there, knightly neighbor! Ol’ Specty has been hogging the spotlight these days but there’s a new adventure in town that you (and a friend) might wish to know more about. All console/PC versions of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove now include full local co-op within Shovel Knight’s campaign! Right from the get-go!



Mega May 2017 Streaming Extravaganza!!

Hey Mega nerds! Ah, the month of May… time to go outside, get some sun, and JUST KIDDING! We’re gonna stay inside instead and celebrate Mega May! A monthlong masochistic Mega Man marathon!

This time-honored tradition has been shared amongst our merry crew for over  a decade. Did you know that Mega Man was one of the biggest inspirations for Shovel Knight? Playing Mega Man is the best! But the real reason for the season is playing together- with friends, family, and YOU!!


Shovel Knight Penguin Books Release

Hey bookworms! If you’ve been dying to dig into a book created by Yacht Club Games and Penguin Books then today’s your day! We’ve worked over the past year to create four incredible Shovel Knight books, and we’re proud to announce they are finally coming to store shelves today!