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Plague Knight Mobility Tips and Tricks

We talked last time about creating character mobility that featured a learning curve for the player. Now that we have the basics established, we can show you some tips and tricks to master the mobility to get the most out of it.

During development, the basics being fleshed out allowed for us to design and implement more polish and tighter control. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out part 1 to learn about the Plague Knight character’s core move set, or read the instruction manual to know more about Plague Knight’s campaign.

One thing to remember – these tricks are not required to beat the game! We designed the basic mobility so it was entirely enough to get you through the game without all the bells and whistles. But isn’t mastering mobility fun?


Meet the MUSIC-PLAYING Troupple King Plush!

All hail the Troupple King, the king of fish and fruit! Long may his stem grow! You’ve never heard of the Troupple King?! Half trout and half apple! If you ever visit his grotto, hold your chalice aloft! The Troupple King will APPEAR and bless you with a sacred dance! As it happens, I have been entrusted to send word of Troupple King Plushies to believers! Would you like one?