Did you like that trailer yesterday? Hope so! We wanted to share the Plague of Shadow’s instruction manual a tad early so you can arm yourself with knowledge!

Plague Of Shadows Manual

If you hate spoilers, don’t click that link! It doesn’t give away every last detail, but it will get you prepared to explode right onto the scene of Plague Knight’s new adventure! Will you study carefully in your lab or tackle the new campaign fresh? The choice is yours!


YCG At Pax Prime 2015!

Yacht Club Games is hitting the road again. We’re bound for PAX Prime with goodies and games in tow. Grab a free button and give Plague of Shadows a try before it’s released to everyone forever! Or just say hello to everyone on the team! You can find us at Booth #6052. It’ll be the one guarded by a giant Plague Knight and Shovel Knight!

We have lots of PAX exclusive goodies too! We even have a list of categories! Check out what we’re bringing:

There will probably be even more stuff! Be sure to stop by and check it out.